A Compelling Story

Share our excitement!  Doma Ghale, a low-caste, very poor Nepali girl we’ve sponsored for seven years has been admitted by a great US college!  We’re inspired by her amazing progress.  Her degree here will complete her preparation to build a business that creates good jobs in Nepal.  But she now needs more help than we alone can give.

All of us get a lot of appeals. Why respond to this one?  See Doma explain why she wants a US college education in this video.  Watch this Nepali dance performance she choreographed.  Learn more about her achievements here.  Read about her mother’s life and her own self-transformation hereFinancial aid, donation and college expense accounting data are here and here is news about her progress and experiences, as well as updates to the Accounting page.

Join this inspiring journey!  Click on the Donate button below to make a one-time or recurring monthly contribution online through Paypal, or mail a check to Bath Savings Institution, PO Box 548, Bath, Maine 04530-0548 for deposit in the Beneficiary Account Doma Ghale 187630.  Their ABA for bank-to-bank transfers is 2112 74447.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

One comment on “A Compelling Story

  1. Thank you so much, AlanB:

    “Martin, I like what you are doing in Nepal, I applaud and support you. From my own extensive experience of traveling in the third world, I’ve concluded that it’s often more efficient to support dedicated individuals like you providing critical education to future leaders, than donate to charities with their overhead and potential for corruption. I’ll send an initial check of $500 (to save Paypal fees) and, based on future reports about Doma’s progress in college, that I’m sure you’ll give us, I’ll commit to $500/yr. for the following 3 years. Good luck to both of you, and keep up the good work. We need more dedicated people like you.”

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