Please help Doma complete her life-transforming education at Hampshire College.

She is almost half way through her senior year at Hampshire College, working hard on  her Division III original research project.

Doma now needs less than half the funding for her final semester.  She is determined to be one of the rare students who graduate in four years.

The financial aid awarded to Doma is the greatest Hampshire College has given any international student, but she needed an additional $100,000 for the full four years.   My wife and I contributed $25,000, and many generous supporters gave the balance for her first three years.

Doma has done all we hoped and more.  Please make it possible for her to complete her college education now.  Let me add you to the community of donors to whom I send updates about her amazing progress.

Join this inspiring journey!  Click on the Donate button below to make a one-time or recurring monthly contribution online through Paypal, or mail a check to Martin Sidwell, 105 Goldenville Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325 or email me for routing information for a bank to bank transfer.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Donations are not tax-deductible because a 501(c)3 cannot be set up for the benefit of one individual.

Please, if you can, add 3% to your donation for Paypal’s transaction fee.

2 comments on “Donate

  1. Hi Martin. I was trying to donate to Doma’s fees. I can’t get the Donate button to take me anywhere.

    Hi Alison. Thank you very much for your donation (when you found the one button that worked!) and for the bug report. I’ve fixed the other two buttons now. I should know better than to do my own QA 😉

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