Here are updates about Doma’s progress and experiences.

12/14/2017  Div II Evaluation

12/14/2017 – My update sent to her supporters:

12/14/2017 – The Evaluation by Doma’s Committee of Professors:


7/27/2017 Spring 2017 Results

Doma was very disappointed that time pressure prevented her from completing the U.S. Ethic Studies or Ethics, Methods, and Practices courses.

NS- 0300 Independent Study – Alternative Explorations

NS-0213 – Hampshire College – Group Theory

Self Evaluation

5C-CRS – Smith College – Combinatorics

MLS:  Doma understood the material with no difficulty but she failed to complete assignments on time.

3/2/2017 Fall 2016 Results

3/2/2016 Quantum Mechanics Evaluation

3/2/2017 Quantum Mechanics Self Evaluation

7/5/2016 Division II Overall Status

Doma Div II Status July 2016

7/5/2016 Calculus III – Self-Evaluation
Calc III Self Eval

7/5/2016 – Calculus III – Professor Evaluation

Calc III Instructor eval (1)

7/5/2016 – Elementary Theory of Numbers – Self-Evaluation

Number Theory Self-eval

7/5/2016 – Elementary Theory of Numbers – Professor Evaluation

Number Theory Prof Eval 1 of 2 (2)

Number Theory Prof Eval 2 of 2 (1)

3/31/2016 Division I Evaluation – Pass Form

Doma's Div1 Eval

2/2/2016 Class: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

An introduction to discrete (finite) mathematics with emphasis on the study of algorithms and on applications to mathematical modeling and computer science. Topics include sets, logic, graph theory, induction, recursion, counting and combinatorics.

Here is the Portfolio Evaluation of Doma’s “Awesome work!”

Discrete Math Portfolio Fall 2015 1 of 2

Discrete Math Portfolio Fall 2015 2 of 2

1/8/2016  — There is no narrative evaluation for this course because it was was at Smith College.  Doma’s overall result was 81.72% which, as the histogram shows, was in the top quartile.  She expected to do less well than that because unlike her classmates, all of whom were at Smith, Doma’s schedule at Hampshire prevented her from going to the weekly Tutor Sessions where students worked together on homework and got help from tutors.  She had to do the work alone.  And for the same reason, Doma was not able to attend the review sessions in preparation for the midterm and final exams.

Doma Discrete Math Results

Intro Discrete Math Histogram

1/8/2016 Class: Calculus 2

Applications of the integral, dynamical systems, infinite series and approximation of functions. Situations in science and social sciences in which calculus naturally arises are emphasized.

Not yet available.  There will be no narrative evaluation for this course because it was was at Smith College.

1/8/2016 Class: Introduction to Statistics

What Doma learned from this course that is not reflected in her self-evaluation is the purpose of self-evals in this context.  They are a selling document.  The professor’s evaluation will in most cases be based on what the student writes.

Final Self-Evaluation:

Intro to Statistics Self Eval


Final Professor’s Evaluation:

Intro to Statistics Professor Eval


1/8/2016 Class: Physics I

“The beginning of a three-semester sequence in Physics, this course will concentrate mainly on mechanics with applications to astronomy. Topics will include kinematics and dynamics in one and two dimensions, planetary motion, conservation of energy and momentum, rigid bodies and rotation, and relativity. The course is calculus-based and makes heavy use of computer modeling to develop realistic examples.”

Final Self-Evaluation:

What Doma does not mention is it is most unusual to be approved for a Teaching Assistant position in one’s third semester.  These positions are usually filled only by third and fourth year students.

Physics TA self eval

Final Professor’s Evaluation:

Not yet available.

8/10/2015 Class: Introduction to Architectural Studies

Final Self-Evaluation:

arch SE

Final Professor’s Evaluation:

arch evalarch eval 2

8/10/2015 Class: Design Fundamentals

Final Self-Evaluation:

design SE


Final Professor’s Evaluation:

design eval

8/10/2015 Class: Introduction to Writing

Final Self-Evaluation:

writing SE

Final Professor’s Evaluation:

writing evalwriting eval 2

1/16/2015 Class: How Things Work

Final Self-Evaluation:

Final physics self eval

1/16/2014 Final Professor’s Evaluation:

Final physics eval

1/15/2015 Class: Dancing Modern I 

Final Self-Evaluation:

SE 2

1/15/2014 Final Professor’s Evaluation:

Final Professor Evaluation Dancing Modern I

12/31/14 Class: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurism

Final Self-Evaluation:

At the beginning of this class I completed my parachute through reading and exploring my inner self, which helped me identify where I stand, what I need to do and what I can do.

While I was writing a review for the movie ‘China Blue,’ it got me thinking not just about the current status of employees- their struggle, hard work and dedication, and ultimately how much they are paid off for all of these, but also how the manager, who is living a glitzy lifestyle, shows no mercy to the employees prestige. As I perceived the glimpse of china’s rapid transformation into a free market society, I realized that as a consumer, I must be aware of the consequences followed by the unseen process of manufacture of goods in a country like china and the things that needs transformation.

I compared US and Nepal on the Hosfsede’s model. Likewise I have known and observed the chart also displayed the huge cultural difference between these two countries. I found out that especially for individualism, the degree of interdependence a society maintains among its members, which differed by 61.

As I contemplate on what motivates me as a conscientious consumer and at what time do I feel socially minded, I realized that I still hold a sense of awareness that come from when I lived a sophisticated living standard in Nepal. Moreover I also understood how the sustained reasoning and bounded rationality applies to me.  

Tamara invited guest speakers and they shared their goals, obstacles and successes. Knowing their experience, have prepared me on what to expect while I open a real business. Moreover, exploring other existing social entrepreneurs also gave me some ideas, and helped me comprehend the current financial and economic status of different parts of the world.

As Tamara wanted our class members to select a final project for fall semester, my group members and I came up with the idea of providing breakfast to campus students on weekends, as during those days the dining hall doesn’t open until 11:00pm. Our original plan was to do that on the 15th of November and for that we marketed our product via Facebook, yik yak, flyers, word of mouth, and surveys. We talked with the manager of Bon appetite, Jim, and with his agreement that food would be supplied to us at a cheap rate; we selected our menu with consideration of students’ dietary restrictions and preferences. We also had two other class groups, delivery group and time trade willing to help us flourish in our business.

Unfortunately, our intention was not accomplished due to restriction of using uncertified kitchen also my team members were not certified to do this due to health concerns. There was a high chance that our project would succeed since there was a solid demand for what we could provide, a delivery option, no competition, and we had a good publicity. Moreover, we were able to follow up other components that encompass a business along with marketing: estimated the production and sales amount, promote publicity of our business, addressed the challenge and considered feedbacks from others to improve our project.

The best result we got from our project was realizing that there are legal barriers involving health and safety documents and other possible challenges that we might encounter while running a real business. I also realized that working in a group of 3 to 5 is efficient for running a small project like this as it tends to have less probability of disagreement and confusion that leads to success. Also, I was more comfortable and confident with the group members. We were well organized with time management and distribution of workload, and learnt a lot from each other’s experience. As a group, we have built a trust and respect with each other. I found out that working collectively and creating a strong relationship between partners are as important as it is to noticing inner self and improving own skills. I also learnt that looking for consumer’s point of view and considering what they expect is the key to succeed in a business.

Although throughout my time with this class, I struggled to speak up in class and share my opinion, I did manage to give a presentation on Liberty in North Korea, which rescues North Korean refugees and provides them resettlement assistance. While exploring about the organization, I learnt the socio-economic status of the millions of North Korean people who have been living under a regime’s control, deprived of the entire possible human rights. I also learnt that this organization has helped accelerate social change, lessen the regime’s control, and also increase fuel grassroots marketization. I am glad that this presentation brought awareness to my classmates and Tamara about this organization, and that Tamara was amazed by what I told her.

While Tamara said there is no right or wrong opinion, I have started seeing ways to approach the ideas and problems differently, and this helped me not to be afraid of being judged for my concepts. Moreover, I have developed a sense of confidence within myself. This class has been very informative. Other student’s active involvement in class has helped me to enhance my work, and I believe I was helpful for them too.

Final Professor’s Evaluation:

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 1.14.52 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 1.15.33 PM


12/28/14 Class: Asian Religious Traditions in Text and Practice

Final Self-Evaluation:

This course introduced me to the major religious texts and practices in India, and also helped me improve my writing skills. I worked especially hard on this course throughout the fall semester, consequently my analytical and writing skills improved.

I vividly remember when I wanted to attend this class and Constance informed me that I need to catch up on the readings. After all, I had already missed this class’ first two weeks while in the process of deciding to drop my Global Poverty class. Writing analytical paper was unlike what I did in my high school. Moreover, I felt overwhelmed by the readings and struggled to cope, consequently my first paper went horribly wrong. However, Constance assisted me to improve my writings, and gave me a chance to amend that paper. The rewritten paper did not meet her expectation, but I had improved. While I had problems with the way the class was working for me, I brought those to the attention of the instructor and she gave me an extension. As I started catching up with my readings and feeling confident of the text content and comfortable with criticizing them, I furthermore improved my other two papers. I must admit that I hesitated to raise my questions in class. However, I made specific notes of my confusions and questions, and spoke to the professor after class or via email. The comments that she gave on my papers helped me enhance my writing skills. She informed me about proper citations and structuring my ideas. It helped me to improve collecting and developing ideas and using it in paper as an argument along with answering to the possible questions. It also changed my approach on articulating my opinions in my paper. Constance introduced me to Emily, and both of them helped me to enhance my self-expression. I believe that the writing sessions and support from similar people will help me to accelerate.

From this course, I have understood the principle of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. I have also comprehended the content of these religious’ text that rely on the path they follow, and their belief to achieve their main goal. After watching the movie ‘Dhamma brother,’ I realized that meditation sessions and teachings on compassion must be implemented in prison in order to minimize the suffering the prisoners felt for the horrible things they did in their life. In regard to that, I wrote responses on two of my friends’ comments mentioning the idea of interdependence practiced by some of the prisoners. On October 18thand 19th, I attended Khen Rinpoche’s teaching, which enhanced my knowledge of the engagement of Buddhist teaching into practical life. Overall from the readings about Buddhism, as a Buddhist, I have realized that the more I learn about Buddhism the less I felt I know about it and the more confused I got.

I was intrigued by the western view on these religious beliefs, which my class members brought into the discussion.

I discovered that I should start the paper early and seek for feedback from people. Overall, this course was challenging and time consuming in comparison to my other courses. However, I believe that I learned the most out of this class. The only thing I would alter would be not missing those two weeks.

Final Professor’s Evaluation:

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 5.28.14 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 5.28.32 PM

12/28/14 This post explains why Hampshire College provides narrative evaluations.  This explanation of how they evaluate potential students shows why Doma was selected.  This one explains their purpose, to educate for change, and why that is so important.

10/21/14 Hampshire students do self-evaluations half way through each semester, then their professor responds.

10/21/14  Class:  Introduction to Social Entrepreneurism

Mid-term Self-Evaluation:

The exploration of existing social entrepreneurs, discussion in class, and working in a group helped me to innovate ways to address social needs and change. Guest speakers sharing their experiences, where they started seeing entrepreneur, obstacles they had to face to keep their business running, their success, and how their attempt made a big difference in this world, helped us to understand more about enterprise development. I found out that working collectively with strong relationship among one’s partner is as important as it is to seeing the inner self and improving one’s qualities. I also learnt that looking at consumer’s point of view and fulfilling their required is the key to accomplish in a business.

The first and greatest impact on me was from the reading and the process of exploring the content in my parachute. I noticed many characters of myself that I didn’t know or rather considered it as similar to someone else’s which is not practical. Now I know having a unique character is not the only way to success and to stand out in this world. All we need is to see who you are, learn what needs to be done and what can be done and make devotions.

I knew nothing about social entrepreneurship before I walked into this class. Until I came here I was taught through lecture, learning everything people did by heart and writing it done in paper, and had never spoken in class. Although I still struggle to speak up in class and share my opinion, I am developing a sense of confidence within myself. Other student’s active involvement in class has helped me a lot, and I want to be helpful for them too.

The class has been very communicating and I like the way that we are not taught in a set of instruction and not pushed to do specific work. I can explore and get ideas from any part of social entrepreneur in the world in order build up an idea on how to start. While I am told that there is no right or wrong way, I have started seeing ways to approach the ideas and problems differently. I don’t have to hide my opinion just because I am afraid of being judged or that I am approaching the idea in a wrong way. 

Mid-term Professor’s Evaluation:

Doma – Congratulations – you are doing an amazing job in this class! I know it must be very different and challenging for you – but you are keeping up with the work and posting good, insightful Forum discussions and staying engaged in our materials. For example, I appreciated your perspective on China Blue and China’s transformation. I did not think of the pace of the transformation – thank you for bringing that to my attention. I am glad you used Hofstede to look at Nepal and the US and found meaning in that. I saw your concerns about not speaking in class. Working in teams now will make it easier to speak up in the class. I encourage you to do that also. Let me know if I can be of help with anything – so far you seem to be doing really well.

10/16/14  Class: Dancing Modern I

Mid-term Self-Evaluation:

The concept of equilibrium, body movement, and finding the center of gravity that I learned from book readings and class practice has been very helpful. Now I can do dance movements in a more comfortable way.

The first day in this class, I expected modern dance to be something like Jazz, hip-hop and other types; at least from what I thought. My professor told me there is no right or wrong move in modern dance. It’s very different from what I did before. People around me started moving and dancing but I felt weird. I was afraid that I might do it the wrong way or I might look strange. But things changed. I am more confident now. I have been able to follow the instructions and to express myself. Now I know dancing could be anything, whether it’s stretching the joints or curling up, lying down on the floor or standing as high as I possibly can, bouncing or stiffening, finding the weigh shift, or holding a position for a long time.

Mid-term Professor’s Evaluation:

Doma is doing very well in class, as the wonderful specificity of her self eval reveals. I see her moving with more confidence, more self-permission to discover and explore both her own movement and also the anatomical and expressive prompts i am introducing. a whole new world here, and Doma is diving in thoughtfully and readily. Keep it going! Falling a bit behind in readings, but spoke with me about it. Hopefully she will catch up this week. now due 10/16. I’d be happy to meet with her for help or support.

9/3/14 – Doma started classes.

8/23/14 – Doma moved in to her dorm at Hampshire College and the International Student Orientation program began.

7/24/14 – Doma arrived in the USA.

7/7/14 – Doma was granted her student visa today.

5/1/14 – Every donation regardless of size gives Doma not just practical support, but joy.  She pretended to believe it could happen when I told her my generous friends would give her the support she needs.  Now she is amazed and joyful to see that it is true.  Thank you so very much, everyone!

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  1. Martin,
    You may or may not remember me from the 9Yanas program last year but I remember hearing about Doma then. I am going to send what financial help I can by check but also wanted to let you know that my daughter is just finishing up her first year at Hampshire. If Doma wants someone to talk to/email with about campus life, what to expect, or just to meet someone before she arrives on campus my daughter has said she is very willing. Cassie ( my daughter) is very positive about the school and had a great first year.

  2. Well, I have two things to say.
    1. It is fantastic to see Doma doing so well.
    2. I just Googled to find out the meaning of Social Entrepreneurism.

    A great read….Ian

    • Me too Ian. A whole degree subject on its own never mind just one of a number of classes.

      Thanks for the update and Well done Doma!

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