10/25/14 – Doma’s solo dance at Himalaya Night 2014 at Holyoke College

Please contact me for a link to the following videos for those who have joined me in supporting Doma’s college education:

10/15/12 – I interview Doma about her classes and her response to Hampshire College half way through her first semester (12:30 minutes)

8/23/14 – While checking into her dorm room at Hampshire College, Doma thanks everyone again for making her amazing opportunity possible.

5/15/14 – Doma thanks everyone for their amazing donations in just the first three weeks.

4/24/14 – Doma explains why she wants a US college education.

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  1. May your four years at Hampshire be both peaceful and energizing and may your life be a force in helping to heal the world.

    • Doma wrote:

      This is a love song of my ethnic group, the Tamang, although the language is Nepali which is quite different from Tamang. The long skirt with flower prints is important in Tamang dances because we have many steps that include holding the skirt. The flowers are “guras” which are rhododendrons, the national flower of Nepal and the representation of love. The red hair tie indicates that she is single. She wants the man she is dancing for to know she is single.

      Her song is to a guy she loves very much. He rears cattle in the Himalayas, a place full of the Monal danphe, a pheasant that is the national bird of Nepal. She tell him about her dancing abilities in a variety of other ethnic groups in Nepal and her other talents and experiences to make him feel she is worth the relationship she wants with him. But he knows all this and ignores her. She is heart broken and calls him a cold hearted man.

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