This material is primarily for members of my family although aspects of it may be interesting to others.

The Sidwell Family History covers everything I know about my family.  Following it are accounts by my grandfather, Whalley, about when he started a farm in extreme southwest Texas, several accounts by my father, Leonard, summarized diary entries by my grandfather’s younger brother, Arthur, who was the first of his family to move to the USA, and notes about Arthur’s son, Richard, by his wife Gill.

Sidwell Family History, Martin Sidwell

Family Visits in 2006, Martin Sidwell

Pages from an American Journey, Whalley Sidwell

My First Fifty Years, Leonard Sidwell

Life on the Farm in Texas, Leonard Sidwell

Pacifism & WW2, Leonard Sidwell

Diaries 1914-1936, Arthur Sidwell

Richard Arthur Sidwell, Gill Sidwell