Change Lives

Many go home from the Himalayas wanting to help people there.  What are some good ways?  By far the best is to identify an individual who will, with your support, transform their own life and community.

I support the education of a Nepali student who has just been admitted to a fine US college.  It’s an amazing achievement for a girl from a low-caste, very poor background.  I was always certain she could succeed.  But she now needs more support than I can give.  US colleges are very expensive.  Learn more about Doma Ghale here and please join me in helping this amazing young woman.

You could also donate to an aid organization.  Some do excellent work but many are misguided.  They build health clinics where no medical staff come, libraries that aren’t used, water systems that aren’t maintained – projects that don’t make sense in the situation.

Here is my best suggestion:

A donation to Changing Lives Nepal will be excellently used and/or you can do rewarding volunteer work with them.

The founder of Changing Lives Nepal also leads outstanding treks so if you want to be inspired by a journey into the Himalayan mountains and culture, here’s a great place to start:


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