Trek Logs and More

Over here is a collection of trek and travel logs and pieces about the geography, history and people where I traveled. I was going to publish the Himalayan ones as a book but trek logs and the other material would most likely have appealed to different audiences. I left the geography chapters as they were but went back to the original trek logs and added many photos.

Although I’m posting them in chronological order I’m pretty sure that’s not the best way to read them. On my Spring 2003 treks in Sikkim and Nepal I found something that resonated in me very strongly but I had to research and go back to see what it might be. I’d learned a lot before my Fall 2004 trek to Kanchenjunga, was fitter and didn’t get sick, so I was more aware.

I think either the 2004 Kanchenjunga or the 2005 Tibet trip are the best places to start. The Iceland and a couple of other logs introduce people and themes that recur so they are probably best left for later. The history chapters can be read in any order as questions arise.

I’d very much enjoy your comments and you could help others by recommending where to start reading. Please comment on this post.

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